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  • "Cecilia made potentially difficult material very easy to understand. I would definitely take another course from her!"
  • "It made me feel good to know that Cecelia Allison is an expert on this subject. I bought both of her books and I have learned a lot. Her style of teaching makes learning easy and fun. I feel very fortunate to have learned from such an expert in the field."
  • "I really enjoyed Cecelia's writing style, and would like to comment on her excellent use of English and attention to detail/proofreading. Too many programmers, including instructors, don't seem to care how their messages are written as long as someone, somewhere can decipher the meaning. When an instructor cares enough to write well, I respect his/her knowledge and authority on the subject. I feel that this is very important when learning, as it is the instructor's job to make material more efficient to absorb (otherwise, we wouldn't need instructors, would we?). Thanks, Cecelia!"
  • "I have taken many of your online courses and this was by far the best one ever. The material was concise, complete, easy to understand, and well-structured. The foundations for most of the concepts were explained with practical examples and the homework was not overwhelming. I was never left wondering how to get from point A to point B because the material was so well presented. A big thank you to the instructor!"
  • "I was impressed with this class and even more with the fact that after reading one of the discussion responses that I was actually doing intermediate to advanced work with SQL and understanding it is a huge complement to the instructor. I have never been on Access or done any work with any other databases before either. I have since gone onto my home computer and done a lot of work setting up databases with the help of this course. Thank you and I will definitely be taking more and taking the instructors advice from one of the discussion areas on what to take in the future. Thank you again for a great class. After being unemployed for a year it is great to have something to make me feel good about!"
  • "Clear, concise, specific, and to the point. This is the way a class should be taught. This class was able to fill in the gaps and spark ideas to be more productive with datbase queries."
  • "This course was well structured and I was very impressed with the content and instructor. I have a BA and an MBA and I think this short class packed more valuable info then other classes I've taken. I've also attended company sponsored Oracle classes & was rushed thru the learning process. I really enjoyed the pace of this course. I was able to absorb the material & hopefully retain it and apply it at work. One other comment regarding the instructor - I was amazed how quickly she responded to any discussion question I posted. My husband is attending the University of Phoenix, spending lots of money and he doesn't get the response or support that Cecelia Allison has provided. As time permits, I would love to take another on-line class and I would recommend it highly to others."
  • "I really wanted to thank Ms. Allison for conducting this course. I have tried to take an SQL course before but had to quit as the instructor taught so far above my head I could not understand the subject matter. This course was broken down into small bites and the quizzes and assignments helped to bring the concept home! I have enjoyed this course and would consider taking another course like this. I have already recommended this course to a friend who has also taken it. We both are very happy with the results. Thanks Again."
  • "Although this was my first online course and my first exposure to SQL, I found both the content and structure of the course easy to understand and follow. I was most impressed by the whole approach taken with this form of off campus learning. The quizzes and assignments are an excellent way of reinforcing the lessons and the discussion area a great tool for interaction with the instructor and fellow students without having to be on campus. I would certainly recommend this form of learning to others and consider other online courses in the future. Keep up the great work!"
  • "Wonderful introductory course! I really enjoyed it and the instructor showed a thorough knowledge of this course. She was able to make it easy and simple to follow with her real world examples and extensive definitions. I would truly recommend this course for any novice SQL user. It provides you with a solid basis in this programming language. Thank you!"
  • "When I started this course, I really didn't know anything about SQL. This course has helped me a lot in learning the basics about SQL. I feel more comfortable using it at work now. Cecelia's book was also a great help and I recommend it to those who are just starting to learn this course. I'm so glad I found this course, and I look forward for the next intermediate class that Cecelia is going to offer."
  • "I just wanted to take a second to compliment Cecelia on her instruction, and diligence. I got behind and have been playing catch up, and by gosh Cecelia answered every last second question I popped out there and did a wonderful job. I will recommend any class taught by Cecelia Allison any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Way to go, Cecelia!"
  • "I just wanted to personally thank Cecilia for the class. Because of her clear and concise lesson plans, I got a 97 on the final, and as a direct result of taking this class, I got moved into the IT dept. of my company as a Support Specialist and will continue to learn SQL programming. This is literally a dream come true that would not have happened without this course. Thank you again!"

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